SEO & SMM Policy

This policy is applicable under the following circumstances:

➡ You have purchased SEO services and/or SMM services from InfoWick.
➡ Your website has not shown any improvements in rankings either in Search Engines or Social Media.
➡ Your website has been penalized by a search engine/social site either directly or indirectly due to your SEO, SMM activities:

Terms & Conditions:

★ We at InfoWick, do not guarantee or undertake any penalty removal responsibility.
★ You take full responsibility of the results generated.
★ Refund requests will not be entertained once the work report is submitted.

Infact, search engines themselves have provided steps on how to get your site included in their database. Listed below are some of the online resources explaining how you can submit a URL to various search engines.

By continuing to use InfoWick’s SEO, SMM offerings your acceptance to this policy is valid.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy as needed, without prior notice.

All the Best,
Team InfoWick

SEO Policy





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